ZOLL AED Plus: Fully Automatic or Semi Automatic defibrillator?

What is best for your company? The Fully Automatic ZOLL AED Plus or the Semi Automatic AED Plus?

The Semi Automatic ZOLL AED Plus is the most popular Automated Defibrillator that we have been selling in the Philippines. But we also would like you to get to know our Full Automated ZOLL AED Plus.

Semi-Automatic AED: An Automated External Defibrillator that requires that the rescuer to push the shock button after it detects a shockable heart rhythm.

Fully Automatic AED: An Automated External Defibrillator that automatically delivers a shock after it detects a shockable heart rhythm.

ZOLL Medical Corporation offers for years the Automated External Defibrillator that provides the best support to rescue a cardiac arrest victim, the AED Plus. Until now this always have been a semi automated defibrillator, an AED that analyzes the heart and tells the user whether a shock is advised and then waits for the user to deliver the shock by pushing a button.

Now ZOLL offers a Fully automatic AED that delivers the shock automatically, with no need for the rescuer to push the shock button if and when the heart analyzes detects a shockable heart rhythm.

The Fully Automatic ZOLL AED Plus looks much alike the Semi Automatic model that ZOLL currently sells in the Philippines and that’s because it also delivers the best support for rescuers and cardiac arrest victims. It also provides Real CPR Help. It has the lowest cost of ownership once installed, because the pads and even the batteries last for 5 years. It has a Ingress protection rating of IP55 for protection against dust and water and it’s powered by 10 lithium 1/2/3 batteries, the ones you can buy in any camera shop in the Philippines. It uses the same CPR-D padz for fast and accurate electrode placement and of course these pads are equipped with the same packs of rescue accessories. The lift is also the same and can be used for passive airway support. The same graphic icons recall the rescuer’s training and shows them what to do, along with the same display screen and voice prompt. The difference between the ZOLL Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic defibrillator becomes obvious when you turn it in. Upon turning it on, it says: Automatic Defibrillator. Also immediately above the on/off button you will see ‘AUTOMATIC’, a label to indicate that it is a fully automatic AED. Unless the Semi Automatic ZOLL AED Plus, which has a hand over the shock button, the Fully Automated defibrillator has no such image of a hand, though it does has a lighted circle, which indicates when the shock is delivered.

It’s up to you if you choose the semi automatic ZOLL AED Plus or the Full Automated AED Plus, it’s all a matter of personal choice. The technics are the same, except that one is giving an automatic shock which sometimes is easier and better for some lay rescuers.

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More information about the Fully Automatic ZOLL AED Plus in the next video:

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