ZOLL AED Plus or Heartsine AED – Comparison chart

August 26, 2017 - by AED - in Heartsine, Other AEDs

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Are you hesitating to buy a Heartsine AED or a ZOLL AED? Here is your answer. The following comparison chart will show you the differences. Heartsine Samaritan 500P is submitted to FDA for approval in 2015, but until now it has not been approved and it probably won’t be we expect. There are many differences and one of them is that ZOLL AED Plus is using the Accelerometer Based Feedback. Accelerometers are the gold standard for real-time CPR feedback technology as it is time tested and can be found anywhere from space rockets to cars, laptops and smartphones.

Impedance based feedback is used by Heartsine: 

  • Monitors very slight changes in electrical impedance detected in the electrodes. Does not measure depth directly. Rather, measures force and speed (Not in compliance with the American Heart Association guidelines and Philippine Heart Association who is following the AHA 2015 guidelines)
  • Technology has not been proven clinically to date
  • Most important finding (in a peer reviewed journal article) found that impedance based feedback is an accurate indicator of compression rate, but is an inaccurate measure of compression depth to help rescuers reliably.

In the next article we will go in-depth to explain more about the differences of Accelerometer Based Feedback and Impedance based feedback. 


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