Mindray Beneheart D1 Public

    This AED package includes:

  • Mindray Beneheart D1 Public semi-automatic AED
  • Mindray Beneheart D1 Electrode Pads for Adults
  • Mindray Beneheart D1 Disposable LiMNO2 battery

Mindray Beneheart D1 Public

Mindray Beneheart D1 Public AED

The Mindray Beneheart Public D1 AED is a simple to operate AED device with English Voice instructions and with a 7inch color TFT screen. It can be placed at almost every location because of it’s Ingress Protection of IP55 which is protected agains dust and water.

The 7inch TFT screen of the Beneheart D1 Public AED is has a coloured animation so that the lay rescuer knows exactly which steps to take during resuscitation of a victim with Cardiac Arrest. The electrode pad connection automatically detects the patient type: If the victim is a child, a lower energy release is given, rather than a higher shock if it is an adult victim.

The AED alert system monitors the status of the AED to ensure that it is in standby mode and will operate correctly when needed. This AED alert system automatically sends details of technical problems to the responsible service person by e-mail. The AED alert system is optional.

Automated and user activated self-tests (Including Daily self tests) and it has pre-connected electrode pads.

Lay rescuers can confidentially rely on the readiness of the Mindray Beneheart D1.

Mindray Beneheart D1 Public AED

Special Features Mindray Beneheart D1

  • Reliable, simple and easy to use
  • 7-inch colored TFT display with visual and clear animation resuscitation support.
  • Automatically adjustable volume and a clear screen ensures comfortable use in various environments
  • Quick switch between Pediatric and Adult patients
  • The disposable battery with extended capacity supports more than 300 shocks of 200 Joule or 200 shocks of 360 Joule
  • 12 hours of ECG monitoring
  • The AED-Alert system monitors the status of the AED remotely


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