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The AED for Healthcare Professionals

The ZOLL AED Pro is made for Healthcare Professionals. It has a build in ECG and uses like the ZOLL AED Plus also Real CPR Help-technology. Chances of survival go significantly up with our patented real-time technology.

  • The AED is both suitable for professionals and laymen.
  • Due to its extensive capabilities, the Zoll AED Pro can be used for both ALS (Advanced Life Support) and BLS (Basic Life Support).
  • ECG monitoring with a 3-wire cable and a high quality screen. 
  • With the rubber casing it can perform in extreme conditions.
  • Reanimation feedback using CPR-D electrode set.
  • Built-in internal memory and data storage and transfer via infrared port or USB.
  • Can be used with Stat Padz II, Pedi Padz II and CPR-D padz.
  • Compatibility of electrodes and battery with ZOLL’s professional E Series and R Series defibrillators. 
  • Battery choice; rechargeable lead acid battery or LIMN, non-rechargeable.
  • ECG monitoring on LCD screen.  
  • The Zoll AED Pro is ready for use including: Battery Set electrodes for adults and/or kids.
  • Operating Instructions
  • AED resuscitation set
  • AED icon set 
  • 2 battery options (durable disposable or rechargeable battery). 
  • Simple configuration of the device through ZOLL management software.  

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