ZOLL AED Product Accessories (Pads and Batteries)

We are also an AED accessories supplier in the Philippines and we supply ZOLL AED product accessories like batteries, pads and pedi pads for kids up to 8 year or 25 kilograms.

ZOLL AED Plus has the lowest cost of ownership which means that our batteries and CPR-D Padz will last for 5 years if unused. Upon buying a ZOLL AED, the CPR-D Padz and batteries are included for free. When it is used on a patient during an emergency, you need to replace the pads and batteries.

How to change the pads and batteries?

For your ZOLL AED Plus we provide the following products:

CPR-D padz: One piece electrode pad with Real CPR Help®.
Supplied with gloves, barrier mask, scissors, razor, wet wipe and dry wipe.  Five (5) year shelf-life.

Pedi Padz II: Pediatric Multi-Function Electrodes

Designed for use with the ZOLL AED Plus.  The AED recognizes when Pedi Padz II are connected and automatically proceeds with a pediatric ECG and adjusts energy  to pediatric levels.  Twenty four (24) month shelf-life.  One pair.

Duracell Batteries, Type 123 Lithium Batteries, quantity of ten (10) with storage sleeve

Contact us today to order your pads and batteries at 02-5854765 or 0917-8098588.

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