Mindray C1A and C2

    This AED package includes:

  • Mindray Beneheart C1A or C2 Fully-automatic AED
  • Adult/Pediatric Electrode Pads, one piece electrode pad
  • Mindray Beneheart C-series Disposable LiMNO2 battery

Mindray Beneheart C1A and C2

Mindray Beneheart C1A and C2

Mindray’s BeneHeart C1A and Mindray Beneheart C2 are one of the latest AEDs with fast and modern technology found in Automated External Defibrillators (AED) nowadays. With thoroughly programmed rescue instructions based on the users’ competence, CPR guidance, and a quick shock delivery of fewer than eight seconds, laymen and trained responders can confidently treat Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCA).

Key Features

  • Delivers the first shock in under eight seconds; powers on in two-seconds, ECG analysis in five-seconds and no extra time needed for charging the AED.
  • It features 360J Biphasic Truncated Exponential (BTE) technology with auto-compensation for patient impedance. Provides defibrillation therapy according to AHA/ERC guidelines, delivering 200J initially, then 300J for the second shock and 360J for the third shock. Adult: 1st shock: 200J, 2nd shock: 300J, 3rd shock: 360J. Child: 1st shock: 50J, 2nd shock: 70J, 3rd shock: 100J. Auto-compensation for patient impedance (an overweight patient gets a higher energy shock compensating for more body mass). 
  • The Mindray Beneheart C-series are integrated with its ResQNaviTM technology that provides precise rescue instructions based on the user’s performance and gives more guidance to less experienced rescuers. Continuous encouragement during the CPR process
  • Audible prompts provide the latest AHA/ERC compliant CPR guidance.
  • Pre-connected adult/child electrode pads with a five-year lifecycle
  • Device settings, including shock protocols can be adjusted using the comprehensive Mindray C Series configuration tool.
  • Simple switch for changing between adult and child modes; the device will automatically adjust the CPR guidance – 30:2 for adults, 15:2 for children
  • Language button allows users to select from up to three preconfigured languages.
  • Automatic daily self-test ensures device is always ready for use.
  • Extremely robust, 1.5m drop tested and IP55 water/dust proof.
  • Available as a semi-automatic or fully automatic device
  • Optional 7” color TFT screen (with Mindray Beneheart C2 model) that provides animated video guidance in addition to the audio commands
  • Optional Wi-Fi connectivity, allows remote device management with AED Alert 2.0 system.
  • Eight-year warranty

Mindray Beneheart C1A or C2

Special Features Mindray Beneheart C1A or C2

  • Reliable, simple and easy to use
  • 7-inch colored TFT display with visual and clear animation resuscitation support.
  • Automatically adjustable volume and a clear screen ensures comfortable use in various environments
  • Quick switch between Pediatric and Adult patients
  • The disposable battery with extended capacity supports more than 300 shocks of 200 Joule or 200 shocks of 360 Joule
  • 12 hours of ECG monitoring
  • The AED-Alert system monitors the status of the AED remotely


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