Philips Heartstart FRxPhilips Heartstart FRX

                 This AED package includes:

  • Philips Heartstart FRx semi-automatic AED
  • Philips Heartstart FRx battery
  • Philips Heartstart FRx Smartpads II elektrodes
  • Instruction video
  • Carry bag

Philips Heartstart FRx

Philips Heartstart FRx

The CPR support and the robustness of Philips Heartstart FRx semi-automatic AED make this device very suitable for different target groups. The water and dust resistance (IP55) means that this device can be used in all weather conditions. Another important point compared to other AEDs is that no separate children’s electrodes are required for children <8 years or <25 kg. The optional baby / child key allows the electrodes of the Heartstart Frx to be used for adults and children.

User friendly
You will be instructed step by step through clear, spoken instructions. The HeartStart waits with the next instruction until the previous one has been executed. Guidance during the resuscitation procedure. Including training video

The HeartStart is based on highly advanced technology. The device determines whether a power surge is required via a very accurate algorithm. A surge can only be delivered if it is necessary. Very suitable for use in public in -and outdoor locations and for example swimming pools, company buildings etc. (IP 55, spray-proof and protects against dust in the device.

Key for babies and children 
Place the key for babies and children in the FRx to indicate that you are treating a baby or child. The defibrillator then automatically gives special instructions for the placement of the electrodes and the resuscitation. Also the icons on the AED lights up to ensure the optimum placement of indicate the electrodes. In addition, the energy from the shock to a responsible lowered levels for babies and children.

Proven therapy options
The biphasic SMART technology forms the basis of all HeartStart defibrillators. The biphasic SMART curve of Philips is extremely effective and minimizes the chance of it harmful side effects. The effectiveness of this AED is investigated and confirmed by more than 40 AED specialists.

The SMART analysis automatically assesses the heart rhythm of the victim and is designed so that the AED, even if the shock button is already pressed, only one
delivers a shock if the rhythm proves suitable for a shock. With Heartstart FRx Quick Shock technology the Philips HeartStart FRx one of the fastest in terms of administering a shock after CPR. Research shows that the chance of survival increases as the time between resuscitation and the delivery of the shock decreases.

Philips Heartstart FRx

Special Features

  • The patented, low-energy defibrillation shock waveform used by the HeartStart FRx Defibrillator. It is an impedance-compensated biphasic waveform. It delivers 150 Joules, nominal, into a 50 ohm load; when the Infant/Child Key is inserted, it delivers 50 Joules, nominal, into a 50 ohm load.
  • Delivers Post-CPR shock in 8 seconds,
  • Daily self test and calibration. No calibration required.
  • The Heartstart Smart Pads II had a shelf life of 2 years.
  • The Powerheart FRx is IP55 Rated – Dust and Water protected.
  • The Philips Heartstart FRx comes with an 3-year AED manufacturer’s warranty.


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