Radian HR-501Radian Heart Guardian 501

    This AED package includes:

  • Radian Heart Guardian 501 AED (Semi-Automatic)
  • Radian Adult/Child Electrode Pads
  • Li-Mn (12V DC 4.2A) Battery

Radian Heart Guardian 501 AED (HR-501)

A budget friendly Defibrillator

Easy to use and accessible

  • As soon as uncovering the Radian Heart Guardian 501 (also called Radian HR-501), there will be an audio-guidance for every phase of operation
  • In case there is no audio, LED indicator guides you for accuracy
  • From analysis to charging, services are all Automated

Compatible with both Adult and Child

  • AED pad is applied regardless of age and gender, simply by setting up one button
  • Radian Heart Guardian 501 provides precise amount of shock energy tailored to patents body size and condition of two different levels

Data extraction with the embedded memory

  • Radian Heart 501 Guardian AED offers a «defibrillation blackbox» by recording operation history
  • Once recorded, data can be transferred out and analysed through Bluetooth-enabled functions

Prompt and Accurate Analysis of ECG

  • Radian Heart Guardian 501 offers ECG (Electrocardiography) analysis in just 8.5 seconds.
  • ECG analysis function provides detection of irregular cardiac waves with 97.8% accuracy and immediately commences electric charging upon detection.
  • Embedded shock timing table based on patients’ impedance levels, enables the most accurate charging time and shock timing analysis

Radian Heart Guardian 501 AED

Special Features Radian HR-501

  • Automatic/Manual Self-diagnosis
  • Precise Impedance Analysis
  • English Audio-guidance
  • Electrode pads which can be used on both Adult and Children
  • Non Rechargeable battery which gives up to 200 shocks
  • ECG analysis: 8.5 sec
  • Charging: 8 sec.
  • Max. Shock output: 150 J (Adults), 50 J (kids)
  • Data storage: 40 min (embedded memory)
  • Data transfer protocol: Bluetooth 2.0
  • Control Buttons: Power, Analysis, Shock
  • 5 years warranty on AED unit


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