Philips Heartstart AED (Onsite HS1)

Philips Heartstart Onsite HS1

                 This AED package includes:

  • Philips Heartstart OnSite HS1 semi-automatic AED
  • Philips Heartstart OnSite HS1 battery
  • Philips Heartstart OnSite HS1 Smartpads II elektrodes (2x)
  • Instruction video
  • Carry bag
  • The Philips Heartstart OnSite HS1 comes with 5-years AED manufacturer’s warranty.

Philips Heartstart Onsite HS1

Philips Heartstart Onsite HS1

The Philips OnSite/HS1 is designed for the ordinary person in the extraordinary moment. Philips HeartStart OnSite defibrillator acts as your personal coach to guide you through the process of treating a victim of suspected sudden cardiac arrest. The OnSite AED provides real-time guidance through simple, step-by-step voice commands and CPR coaching.

Comes with Free 2x Pads and 1x Battery

Battery Specifications:

  • Type 9 volt DC, 4.2 Ah, composed of disposable long-life lithium manganese dioxide primary cells
  • Capacity: Minimum 200 shocks or 4 hours of operating time (EN60601-2-4:2003)
  • Standby Life: Four years typical when the battery is installed by the install-by date. (Will power the AED in standby state within the specified Standby Temperature range, assuming one battery insertion test and no defibrillation uses)

Philips Heartstart OnSite HS1

Special Features

  • Waveform: SMART Truncated exponential biphasic. Waveform parameters adjusted as a function of patient impedance
  • Defibrillation peak current: Adult- 32 A (150 J nominal) into a 50-ohm load Pediatric- 19 A (50 J nominal) into a 50-ohm load (using optional infant/Child SMART Pads Cartridge)
  • Shock-to-Shock Cycle Time- Typically less than 20 seconds between shocks in a series
  • Quick Shock- Able to deliver a shock after the end of a CPR interval, typically in 8 seconds
  • Voice Instructions- Detailed voice messages guide responder through the use of the defibrillator
  • CPR Guidance- Instructions for adult and infant/child CPR available at user selection
  • Shock Delivery- Via adhesive pads placed on patient’s bare skin as illustrated on pads
  • Controls- Green SMART Pads cartridge handle, green On/Off button, blue i-button, the orange Shock button
  • Daily Automatic Self-tests- Tests internal circuitry, waveform delivery system, pads cartridge, and battery capacity
  • Status Indicator- Blinking green “Ready” light indicates ready for use. Audible “chirp” indicates the need for maintenance
  • Daily self-test and calibration. No calibration required.
  • The Heartstart Smart Pads II had a shelf life of 2 years.
  • The Powerheart OnSite HS1 is IP55 Rated – Dust and Water protected.
  • The Philips Heartstart OnSite HS1 comes with a 5-year AED manufacturer’s warranty.


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