Radian HR-701 Plus
Radian HR-701 Plus

                 This AED package includes:

  • Radian Heart Guardian 501 AED (Semi-Automatic)
  • Radian Adult/Child Electrode Pads
  • Li-Mn (12V DC 4.2A) Battery

Radian HR-701 Plus

Colored display and Real-time ECG (Tagalog/English)

The Radian HR-701 is a new Automated External Defibrillator from Radian QBio and is a new AED that is available in the Philippines. This Radian Heart Guardian 701 Plus AED has Video -and Voice prompts in English and Tagalog, a real-time ECG waveform, and up to 250J shocks delivery.

Radian HR-701 Plus:

  • Operation: Semi-automatic external defibrillator
  • Product Size (mm): 280 (L) x 222 (W) x 74.4 (H) mm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg (Battery, Portable AED case, and pads excluded)
  • Waveform: Biphasic Truncated Exponential (BTE)
  • Impedance range: 25Ω to 175Ω
  • Electric shock energy:
    – Adult mode: 150J ±15%, 200J ±15%, 250J ±15%
    – Child mode: 50J ±15%
  • ECG Display Monitor: 4.3-inch TFT, 480 x 272 pixels
  • Number of shock and Operating time: For a new, fully charged battery pack at 20~ 30°C: at least 28 discharges at maximum energy or 10 hours of continuous ECG monitoring.
  • Automated Self-tests: Monthly Check on battery, AED pads, SD-Card, charge/discharge
  • Audible alerts: Voice recorded, Beep sound
  • Visual guidance / Alarm: (Button, switch, LCD and LED):
    – Status LCD: error indicator on
    – Procedure LED: blinking on
    – LCD: pop-up of error message and code
    – Shock button: blinking on
    – Common: Power Button, Shock Button, Status LCD, Adult/Child Mode Switch
    – Selection: Procedure LED/LCD, Mode Button (Language Selection Button, Non-Professional/ Professional Selection Button, Shock Energy Selection Button)
  • ECG data record: 10 Mbyte (approx.100 ECG data and logs can be recorded in the SD-Card.)
  • ECG Analysis: the AED FFT ECG analysis system automatically analyzes the patient’s ECG and advises the user when defibrillation is required
  • Charging type: HI-capacitor charging
  • Interface: Bluetooth, USB, SD-Card, LCD, LEDs, Buttons, Switches, Voice
  • Accessories: Portable case (HR-B7), AED pads (P-701), Battery (BT-701), User Manual, Quick guide
  • Particle and Water Ingress: IP-55
  • Warranty period (Lifetime): 5 years from the date of manufacture
  • Disposal: Abide by regional/national regulations

AED Pads (P-701):

  • Type: Pre-gelled, self-adhesive, disposable, non-polarized defibrillation pads, Common use for adult and child both, Non-sterilization
  • Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of shipment
  • Location to attach pads: Location of pads for adult: chest
  • Location of pads for Child: chest and/or back
  • Pad size and length: Size: 110 x 120 mm, cable length: 1.8 m
  • Pouch size: 170 mm * 250 mm
  • Disposal: Abide by regional/national regulations

Battery (BT-701):   

  • Type: LiMnO2 (12V DC 6A), Non-rechargeable
  • Size and weight: 174 (L) x 63 (W) x 25.1 (H) mm, 285g
  • Shelf Life: 4 years for standby mode (can be reduced by temperature and     humidity condition during storage)
  • Disposal: Abide by regional/national regulations
  • Portable case (HR-B7):
  • Usage: Storage and protection
  • Type: Plastic
  • Size and weight: 229.61(W) x 280(D) x 88(H) mm, 380g
  • Shelf Life: 10 years
  • Disposal: Abide by regional/national regulations

Environmental Parameter:

  • Temperature: Operating 0 ~ 40℃ (32 ~ 104℉)
    Storing/transporting (within 5days): -20℃~60℃ (-4℉to 140℉)
  • Humidity: Operating : 30 ~ 95% (non-condensing)
    Storing/transporting (within 5days): 5 ~ 95%
  • Altitude: Operating and Storing /transporting (within 5days): 52.73 ~ 101.325 kPa

*If the temperature is out of the range (0  –  40℃),  the operating temperature must be maintained for at least one hour.

Radian HR-701 Plus

Special Features Radian HR-701

  • Tagalog, English, Korean and Chinese pre-set languages
  • 4.3 inch Colored LCD display
  • Video and Voice prompts
  • ECG Waveform visual on Monitor
  • Automatic/Manual Self-diagnosis
  • Precise Impedance Analysis
  • Electrode pads which can be used on both Adult and Children
  • Max. Shock output: 250 J (Adults), 50 J (kids)
  • Data storage: 40 min (embedded memory)
  • Data transfer protocol: Bluetooth 2.0
  • Control Buttons: Power, Analysis, Shock
  • IP 55
  • 5 years warranty on AED unit


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