How ZOLL AED are Made, Tested before being Distributed

ZOLL is the biggest resuscitation company in the world, specializing in only producing the best Automated External Defibrillator (AED). ZOLL was founded over 30 years ago and produces thousands and thousands of AEDs every year. All AEDs are being tested thoroughly for over 6 hours to see if they work 100% accordingly before being distributed. This means that all AEDs are put inside an temperature chamber and deal with -30 degrees Celsius up to 60 degrees Celsius. In the meantime while they are in that oven, they also get a stress test that gives the AED 250, 200 joules shocks while in this temperature chamber. This torture test ensures that if there are weaknesses in the products, they are detected in an early stage, before they are distributed.

Did you know that ZOLL AED Plus come in 34 different languages? Yes, they do and they are globally distributed to countries all over the world.

Click on the video to see more of the current chairman and former CEO of ZOLL Medical Corporation, Richard A. Packer:

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