7 Simple Things to live a Happier and Healthier life!

We all care about our health and with the following methods you can check and control your Hearth Health using American Heart Association’s life’s Simple 7. Seven simple things that you can do to live a happier and healthier life!

7 Things to live a Happier and Healthier life

Get Active

Living an active life is one of the most rewarding gifts that you can give yourself and those you love. Daily physical activity increases your length and quality of life. If you can get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day, five times per week you can almost guarantee yourself a healthier and more satisfying life while reducing your risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Control your cholesterol

When you are controlling your cholesterol, you re giving your arteries the best chance to remain clear of blockages. These blockages lead to heart disease and stroke. Slowing your cholesterol helps your whole body get adequate blood flow and keeps your circulatory organs functioning well.

Eat better

A good offense is an even better defense. A healthy diet is one of your best strategies for fighting off cardiovascular disease. Make sure to eat foods that are low in saturated and trans fats cholesterol, sodium, and added sugars. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats and foods high in whole-grain fiber. Stay away from sugary drinks and soda and drink plenty of water.  

Manage your blood pressure

High blood pressure is the single most significant risk factor for heart disease. When your blood pressure stays within healthy ranges, you reduce the strain on your heart arteries and kidneys which keep you healthier and so much longer.

Loose weight

More than 2/3 of the American adult population is overweight with one-third in the obese category. Losing weight can reduce your risk of heart disease. Even losing 5 to 10 pounds can reduce dramatic blood pressure reduction.

Reduce your blood sugar

Normal blood sugar levels can help protect your vital organs. When you reduce excessive sugars, you are giving yourself the best chance for a healthy life. Make sure to get screened for diabetes and to manage your blood sugar levels.

Stop smoking

Cigarette smokers have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. If you smoke, quitting is the best thing you can do for your health. Smoking is the top cause of early death. One day at the time, one hour at the time; you can learn to replace your craving for cigarettes with healthier options. It’s never too late to get help and to stop smoking.

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