Meet the PlusTrac AED Management Program

What is PlusTrac and how can it help you?

PlusTrac is an AED program management system that allows you to manage the AED(s) in your company. To save a victim of a cardiac arrest it requires an AED that is ready to deliver a life-saving solution, but an Automated External Defibrillator alone is not enough. If you want to save lives, you must also ensure that your AED is functioning properly and will be used by a specially trained staff or healthcare professional.

This sounds all easy and with the help of PlusTrac™, it’ll make your life even easier.

Are your AED ready to use and do they meet the requirements?

Below are some important questions for anyone managing AEDs:

• Are you sure that all your AEDs are ready for use and will work well in an emergency?
• Do you know the current self-test status of each AED in your program?
• Do you regularly check the AED status?
• Do you know for each of your AEDs when you need to replace the pads and batteries?
Do you know when your staff needs a refresher course for their resuscitation skills?
• Can you quickly and accurately view the current status of all your AEDs and trained staff?

If you find it difficult to answer these questions, our online AED management program PlusTrac™ can make your life easier.

How do you start?

Every AED Program Manager wants to do everything to make sure that the staff is all set in order to save a life if there is an emergency. But with only a pen and paper or even your laptop with a spread sheet is not the easiest way to manage your AEDs.

So where do you start? How do you set up my own program and will you be able to monitor and manage all the trainings, padz and battery replacements? The answer is easy: with the PlusTrac AED management program.

Let PlusTrac from ZOLL do the work for you, we will set you up and that will give you the solution for quality AED management. You only have to monitor and take action PlusTrac notifies you. Our AED management program will guarantee you to worry free management of your AEDs, whether it’s 1 unit or 100 units.

It builds confidence for the lay rescuer

With PlusTrac you can do more than only managing your AED(s). You can also monitor and plan all necessary Basic Life Support Trainings, Advanced Life Support trainings and ofcourse AED trainings. By monitoring this, it’ll assures you that your staff will be knowledgeable and updated with the latest life support techniques and it will give them more confidence while acting in emergency cases.

Because self confidence is crucial for a successful resuscitation. With the right management of the courses they need to follow you will do all the things you need to do to keep them updated.

PlusTrac is not only for ZOLL AEDs

PlusTrac was not only build for ZOLL AEDs, it actually can cover all the type of AEDs in your company, whether you carry Philips Heartstart, Cardiac Science, DefibTech or Heartsine.

PlusTrac can manage and knows all technical details from all AED that are currently on the market.

Download the PlusTrac “InspectAED” app today

Someone must regularly inspect your AEDs. The PlusTrac app reminds all your appointed staff when they have to do their AED inspections and notifies you when the inspections are done. PlusTrac™ makes it very easy and fast to inspect your AEDs.

InspectAED app

Download PlusTrac’s InspectAED ™ app t
o your smartphone or tablet after you have registered your AEDs. When it’s time for you to inspect the AEDs, you simply go to each AED and check its status indicator. After checking you simply update your AED in your app and it’l be registered to PlusTrac. If something has to be replaced your AED Program manager will be notified and will know instantly.

More information about the PlusTrac™ AED management Program is explained in the following video:


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