Why Zoll AED Plus can be a Life Saver

We would like to introduce to you Zoll Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Plus, world’s most sold AED. The only AED Defibrillator that is equipped with Real CPR Help Technology.

AED is a portable device use to treat a sudden cardiac arrest. It checks heart rhythm and can send electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. Research shows that the probability of survival goes up dramatically when CPR is performed and when an AED is applied before an ambulance arrives.

Many people don’t realize that in about half of all rescues performed by responders, No shock is advised. And when no shock is advised, providing CPR to the victim of cardiac arrest is the most important factor affecting survival.

The latest American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines issued in 2015, are clear: successful defibrillation required high-quality CPR performed at the proper depth and rate.

Zoll’s AED Plus fully complies with AHA’s 2015 Guidelines because it is the only AED with a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – approved therapy that lets you know when compressions are at least two inches deep. Because the AED Plus can see your compressions, you can see, hear and read how well you are performing CPR.

Other AED’s can’t see when you’re doing CPR and can’t help you do proper compressions at the correct depth and rate. By not seeing your compressions, AEDs without Real CPR Help will not help you provide high-quality CPR needed for best chance of survival.

Leading companies and organizations such as Philippine Red Cross, Shell Philippines, Solaire, Unilever, Municipalities of Nasugbu, San Juan, British School, Manila International School and many others have now acquired Zoll’s AED Plus.

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