ZOLL AutoPulse Made for Resuscitation on the Move

The ZOLL AutoPulse is a great addition to the existing ZOLL defibrillator product lines. It comes in handy when the patient has to be transported away from remote (disaster) areas like mountains or other places far away from the hospitals. The AutoPulse is made for the Resuscitation on the Move.

Designed for movements and relocating of the patient

The soft stretcher is made for optimal transportation of the patient and rescuers don’t need to worry about pausing or potentially compromising CPR through tilts and turns. Even going down on on stairs, going around corners or going inside an elevator. Your patients will get nonstop, high-quality compressions throughout the transport towards the hospital.

Super High-quality CPR

The AutoPulse® system  automatically performs very high-quality CPR without interruption for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. AutoPulse is easy to use and battery operated, the ZOLL AutoPulse presses the entire chest of the patient together in order to improve the blood flow to the heart and the brains. The unique technique with AutoPulse automatically adjusts to the size of the patient and has to show improved results in several clinical studies.

It has been shown that the AutoPulse reduces CPR interruptions during transport with more than 85% compared to manual CPR.

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