Sali safe-a-life app, designed by Filipino, gets worldwide recognition

Joel Alejandro

A Filipino Ateneo student, Joel Alejandro, has designed an CPR app that will help people to assist people who suffer cardiac arrest. The app guides the person how to deal with a emergency situation when someone needs Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, gives the option to get trained and also to connect with other life-savers who can give support if needed.

Besides the helpful information, it can also check the area for the availability of a AED. For the Philippines, this feature is a little too early. Having an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is not demanded by law yet, unlike in other countries where AEDs can be found on every corner of the street.

“Alejandro noted that “Sali” is crucial for countries like the Philippines, where rescue is not expected to arrive fast because of logistical limitations and traffic problems in many cities. With less than 100 training centers accounting for the 100 million population, this problem is costing a minimum-waged Filipino a week’s worth of salary. The country also lacks a functional national medical hotline. These two factors lead to a poor emergency response and contribute to an estimated 60,000 deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest,” Alejandro said.

More than a third of these incidents can be prevented through CPR, Alejandro noted.”

AED Philippines wants everybody to know that immediate CPR is required when somebody collapse and when no breathing and pulse are not found upon checking the person.

The following steps are mandatory in emergency situations:

1. Check on the person who collapsed: shake shoulders and ask “Hey, are you okay?”

2. See if the persons is breathing and has a pulse (neck/ wrist).
a. If none, ask someone to call 911
b. Ask somebody else to get an AED

3. Start CPR

See the following video on how to do CPR on someone:


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